Museum of Indulgence​/​Mastication EP

by More Or Les

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This EP is both a preview for the upcoming album "Mastication" and a feature for the art exhibition "Museum of Indulgence," running at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, ON, CAN, displaying the visual work of Montreal artist Shelley Miller and the sonics of More Or Les.

ABOUT THE ALBUM: Mastication (the sounds made from having food...!) will feature songs all about food, food and only food. Tracks to look out for include "Fast Food" feat. Timbuktu and Peter Project, "Pizza Party," "Filet Mignon" and several rapped recipes. Les guarantees he'll change your bad mood with music and food!

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION: MC, DJ and producer More Or Les and Shelley Miller present “Museum of Indulgence”, as part of the Harbourfront Centre’s Fresh Ground new works Commissioning Program. As the title implies, this exhibition tackles themes of excess and indulgence, presented in a museum-like setting with historical “artifacts”, in-house rap shows and an interactive recording studio. Each artist’s work plays off the other, volleying contemporary subjects of consumption with historical framing. The physical exhibition space will double as a performance space for a live show by More Or Les and will triple as a video set for the feature song of the exhibition, "Big Sugar"


released November 11, 2011



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More Or Les Toronto

With seven critically-acclaimed releases, international touring under his belt, over a decade of performances & features with notable peeps including Blueprint, Chip-Fu and UK Hip Hop band The Herbaliser, rapper, producer & DJ More Or Les is a Hip Hop triple threat. Music videos & previous releases can also be found on iTunes, MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, YouTube & ... more

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Track Name: Big Sugar (Refined) (clean edit)
Lyrics by More Or Les
Leslie Seaforth (SOCAN)

INTRO: Clap along, we'll sing a sad song together.
Shit ain't sweet, unless it cost's something.

The guy that despised the N-word's back,
with a rhyme that describes a net worth that
was built on criminal acts to get a product to your ass
like quick, to get that cash quite thick. You would think

I was talking about narcotics. The topic's
a different drug getting plugged that just got y'all bugged-
the-fuck-out. It starts out in the seventeen hundreds,
with English Parliament bribed by barons who wanna’ keep pumping

Martinique and Guadalupe for slaves, just to make
mad scrill. And still done some today; it's that ill.
Around seven mill' (just) taken against they're will,
forced to work until all the crops got tilled.

Their massive quota for sugar cane got filled.
When women disagreed, they got raped, and men got killed.
Two hundred years later, some dudes'll still favour
the bills over human life to move that white It's Movie-like, right?

Big Sugar: a multi-billion dollar industry
made off the backs of slaves with little sympathy
for the pain and misery.

Big Sugar: a multi-billion dollar industry.
All of us are caught up in it - it ain't no mystery.
Just leading to obesity.

In two-thousand-something, some dudes are still pumping
the poor as slave labour to score some big paper.
But now it takes place a little bit more west
of the UK in two ways. US corp's the New Age

slave master and the work force is Haitian.
They're getting paid for it, but still, they pay for it
by working to the point of incapacitation,
expect to cut a ton per day on a plantation

that might as well be considered as incarceration
when their passports get removed, and they just get
paid two
fifty per day. Who's wit' me
to say that pimping is foul?! And put simply:

they aren't only ones getting screwed over for sugar.
Yeah, you too, Sugar - up in the supermarket
trying to do some good for your family with groceries.
Too bad these fools add sugar that ain't supposed to be

in there at all. In a year, you've dissolved
fifty kilos of the stuff. Making bucks is the fault
for your obesity. It's some low shit to see
people take advantage of their fellow man or kill to be --


© 2011, Leslie Seaforth.